Secure. Contactless. Easy.

That’s the Orion Promise

Orion Shredding serves commercial and residential customers in the greater-Detroit area. We place your documents in a secure, locked, state-of-the-art bin and transport the bin to our truck to be shredded and destroyed. All you have to do is make the call, we handle the rest.

Watch in Real Time

Customers can watch their documents being shredded in real time via a camera in the truck. When the job’s done, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction. Our bins come equipped with tracking technology so that you know where your documents have been taken and when they’ve been securely and safely destroyed.

On-Site & Off-Site Service Options

  1. One-Time Shredding — an ideal solution for organizations in need of one-time and/or periodic document shredding.
  2. Regularly Scheduled Shredding — the recommended solution for our enterprise and high-volume customers. Regular document shredding is the best way to protect your company against security breaches and identity theft.

Document Shredding & Destruction Tips

What Do I Need to Shred?

  • Bank statements
  • Applications
  • Receipts
  • Anything with names, birthdays, SSNs
  • Credit & charge card bills
  • Invoices
  • Employee records
  • Expired passports & visas
  • ATM receipts
  • Canceled & voided checks
  • Credit reports & histories
  • Legal documents
  • Medical & dental records
  • Utility bills

How often should I or my company be shredding our documents?

For smaller organizations and individuals, at least once per quarter.

For larger organizations that are heavily reliant on paper communications, it may be necessary to schedule document shredding once a month in order to save on storage space and ensure proper safety and security compliance standards are being followed.

Call our Orion Shredding security assessment specialist at 586.221.0579 or contact us and start protecting your valuable and confidential business or personal documents today.